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Wednesday August 24, 2016
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QUAKE ROCKS CENTRAL ITALY... 'THE TOWN IS NOT THERE ANY MORE' ... Dozens Dead... Thousands Left Homeless... Hospital Badly Damaged, Patients Moved Into The Street... 60 Aftershocks, Tremors Felt As Far Away As Rome... 'This Is A Catastrophe'...
Earthquake strikes central Italy, shocks felt in Rome and Venice (08/24/16) [4:29]

*Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign's Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It
HP | S.V. Date | 08/22/16

Trump nearly quintupled the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower to $169,758 in July, when he was raising funds from donors, compared with March, when he was self-funding his campaign, according to a Huffington Post review of Federal Election Commission filings. The rent jumped even though he was paying fewer staff in July than he did in March.

The Trump campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC $35,458 in March ? the same amount it had been paying since last summer ? and had 197 paid employees and consultants. In July, it paid 172 employees and consultants. ... Read more
TYT | How Donald Trump Funnels Campaign Donations Into His Pocket (08/23/16) [8:18]

AP: More Than Half Of Clinton's Non-Government Visitors At State Gave To Foundation
AP | author | 08/24/16

More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money -- either personally or through companies or groups -- to the Clinton Foundation. It's an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.

At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released so far to The Associated Press. Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million. ... Read more

*Global Empire - The World According to Seymour Hersh, Part 1 (08/10/16) [30:31]
What the Bush Family Knew, Before they Bought Land in Paraguay
What the Bush Family Knew, Before they Bought Land in South America above the World's Largest Aquifer. | 50kview.blogspot.com | L.J. Devon | 07/19/14
The Ogallala aquifer, in the center of the U.S., has been used up at an unsustainable pace since the early 1980s when big agriculture began using automated center pivot irrigation devices. Once farmers started putting these devices into widespread use, the Ogallala became a center for abuse, precipitously drained year after year. The Ogallala is unique; it cannot be replenished by surface water or precipitation. When it's used up, there's no more water to go around.
Why Did George Bush Buy Nearly 300,000 acres in Paraguay? | agorafinancial.com | Brian Maher | 04/24/15
Bush Family Buy Up Guarani Aquifer | watchingamerica.com | Jenny Westwell | 06/18/15
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Global Economics Explained: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and Corruption (2012) [1:13:54]
Audio Book | Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins (02/24/16) [11:04:30]

According to Perkins, he began writing Confessions of an Economic Hit Man in the 1980s, but "threats or bribes always convinced [him] to stop."

According to his book, Perkins' function was to convince the political and financial leadership of underdeveloped countries to accept enormous development loans from institutions like the World Bank and USAID. Saddled with debts they could not hope to pay, those countries were forced to acquiesce to political pressure from the United States on a variety of issues. Perkins argues in his book that developing nations were effectively neutralized politically, had their wealth gaps driven wider and economies crippled in the long run. In this capacity Perkins recounts his meetings with some prominent individuals, including Graham Greene and Omar Torrijos. Perkins describes the role of an EHM as follows:

Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign "aid" organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources. Their tools included fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.

The epilogue to the 2006 edition provides a rebuttal to the current move by the G8 nations to forgive Third World debt. Perkins charges that the proposed conditions for this debt forgiveness require countries to privatise their health, education, electric, water and other public services. Those countries would also have to discontinue subsidies and trade restrictions that support local business, but accept the continued subsidization of certain G8 businesses by the US and other G8 countries, and the erection of trade barriers on imports that threaten G8 industries.

In the book, Perkins repeatedly denies the existence of a "conspiracy." Instead, Perkins carefully discusses the role of corporatocracy. -- November 4, 2004 interview

I was initially recruited while I was in business school back in the late sixties by the National Security Agency, the nation's largest and least understood spy organization; but ultimately I worked for private corporations. The first real economic hit man was back in the early 1950s, Kermit Roosevelt, Jr., the grandson of Teddy, who overthrew the government of Iran, a democratically elected government, Mossadegh's government who was Time's magazine person of the year; and he was so successful at doing this without any bloodshed -- well, there was a little bloodshed, but no military intervention, just spending millions of dollars and replaced Mossadegh with the Shah of Iran. At that point, we understood that this idea of economic hit man was an extremely good one. We didn't have to worry about the threat of war with Russia when we did it this way. The problem with that was that Roosevelt was a C.I.A. agent. He was a government employee. Had he been caught, we would have been in a lot of trouble. It would have been very embarrassing. So, at that point, the decision was made to use organizations like the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. to recruit potential economic hit men like me and then send us to work for private consulting companies, engineering firms, construction companies, so that if we were caught, there would be no connection with the government.

Columnist Sebastian Mallaby of The Washington Post reacted sharply to Perkins' book: "This man is a frothing conspiracy theorist, a vainglorious peddler of nonsense, and yet his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, is a runaway bestseller." Mallaby, who spent 13 years writing for the London Economist and wrote a critically well-received biography of World Bank chief James Wolfensohn, holds that Perkins' conception of international finance is "largely a dream" and that his "basic contentions are flat wrong". For instance he points out that Indonesia reduced its infant mortality and illiteracy rates by two-thirds after economists persuaded its leaders to borrow money in 1970. He also disputes Perkins' claim that 51 of the top 100 world economies belong to companies. A value-added comparison done by the UN, he says, shows the number to be 29. (The 51 of 100 data comes from an Institute for Policy Studies Dec 2000 Report on the Top 200 corporations; using 2010 data from the CIA's World Factbook and Fortune Global 500 the current ratio is 114 corporations in the top 200 global economies.)
Great Chinese Crash
*BBC | The Great Chinese Crash (2016) [27:20]
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Space Weather Conditions
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Space Weather Conditions - Estimated Planetary K-Index
NOAA | Space Weather Prediction Center website
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, August 24 [13:23]
DN | Inaction on Climate Change Could Cost Millennials $8.8 Trillion in Lifetime Income (08/24/16) [6:18]
A new study has found that without action on climate change, the millennial generation as a whole will lose nearly $8.8 trillion in lifetime income dealing with the economic, health and environmental impacts of climate change. The study, "The Price Tag of Being Young: Climate Change and Millennials' Economic Future," was produced by NextGen Climate and Demos.
Nextgen Climate & Demos Release New Report on the Costs of Climate Change to Millennials website
The Price Tag of Being Young.pdf
DN | Embracing the Alt-Right: New Trump Campaign Chief "Created an Online Haven for White Nationalists" (08/24/16) [12:19]
*TRNN | Bill Curry says: The Real Scandal of Clinton's Emails: Conducting Foreign Policy In Secret (08/24/16) [18:35]
TRNN | Political economist Aleksandr BuzgalinHow: Ukrainian and Russian Elite Benefit From New Flare-ups at the Border (08/24/16) [10:00]
*TYT | MORE Leaked Hillary Emails Show Troubling Pattern With Clinton Foundation (08/23/16) [16:43]
TYT | Eric Trump Blames Stagnant Wages On Refugees (08/23/16) [3:04]
TYT | Donald Trump And Morning Joe Call Each Other Drunks (08/23/16) [7:33]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Why Does Trump Wants A Police State? (08/24/16) [11:29]
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | Questions About Hillary Clinton's Newly Uncovered Emails (08/24/16) [1hr]
Last October Bernie Sanders said the American people were sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton's emails, but like it or not the story is far from over. The FBI found nearly fifteen thousand Clinton emails beyond the ones turned over to the State Department previously. The Department is now going through these emails, and a federal judge has ordered it to speed up their release. A conservative watchdog group this week separately released some emails that show big donors to the Clinton Foundation seeking access to Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Join us to talk about what we know and don't know about Clinton's emails.
*DR | Update On The Italy Earthquake (08/24/16) [1hr]
Deborah Ball, the Italy bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal, gives us the latest on Tuesday night's deadly 6.2 magnitude earthquake north of Rome.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

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Tuesday Aug 23, 2016
News Articles

Yemen Civil War (2011-201?)
globalsecurity.org | author | date

By early 2015, Yemen was pretty much a failed state, beset by a circular firing squad of factions. Besides a local struggle for power, the Yemen conflict is widely viewed as a proxy war between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran. Yemen was wracked by internal divisions as the Houthi movement spread beyond its traditional rebellion in the north, separatists continue to press their cause in the south, and al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula claims attacks both at home and abroad, including on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris earlier in January 2015.

... On February 25, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia due to its operation in Yemen, passing by 359 to 212 votes. However, the European Parliament vote doesn't compel every member state to act. The European Parliament resolution of February 25, 2016 on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen refers to "grave concerns" over the deterioration of the situation on the ground. ... Read more

In January 2016 the Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR) reported that 470,000 deaths had been caused by the conflict in Syria, either directly or indirectly. This represents a dramatic increase from the total of 250,000 fatalities attributed to the UN in news reports in recent years. But the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights stopped updating the death toll from Syria's civil war in January 2014.
TYT | Gary Johnson Interview With Cenk Uygur Of The Young Turks (08/22/16) [15:37]
TYT | Jill Stein On Why Trump AND Clinton Are Dangerous (08/18/16) [10:11]

*U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds
Reuters | author | 08/19/16

The United States Army's finances are so jumbled it had to make trillions of dollars of improper accounting adjustments to create an illusion that its books are balanced.

The Defense Department's Inspector General, in a June report, said the Army made $2.8 trillion in wrongful adjustments to accounting entries in one quarter alone in 2015, and $6.5 trillion for the year. Yet the Army lacked receipts and invoices to support those numbers or simply made them up. ... Read more
TYT | Army Accounting Off By TRILLIONS Audit Reveals (08/22/16) [9:10]

An audit shows that the US Army accounting books are a little off...by a couple trillion dollars. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, and Ryan Clayton, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

"It's Gone" - Why Foreign Demand For US Treasuries Has Disappeared
ZeroHedge | author | 08/23/16

Something significant has happened in recent months: buying 10-yr US treasuries is no longer profitable. It is not only Europeans or Japanese, there now isn't any global fixed income investor that can make decent money by buying hedged USTs. ... Read more

Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis by Chris Williams

Around the world, consciousness of the threat to our environment is growing. The majority of solutions on offer, from using efficient light bulbs to biking to work, focus on individual lifestyle changes, yet the scale of the crisis requires far deeper adjustments. Ecology and Socialism argues that time still remains to save humanity and the planet, but only by building social movements for environmental justice that can demand qualitative changes in our economy, workplaces, and infrastructure.

"Williams adds a new and vigorous voice to the growing awareness that, yes, it is our capitalist system that is ruining the natural foundation of our civilization and threatening the very idea of a future. I am particularly impressed by the way he develops a clear and powerful argument for an ecological socialism directly from the actual ground of struggle, whether against climate change, systematic poisoning from pollution, or the choking stream of garbage. Ecology and Socialism is a notable addition to the growing movement to save our planet from death-dealing capitalism."

Germany Warns People To 'Stockpile' Cash In Case Of 'War'
ZeroHedge | author | 08/23/16

The German government is warning its people to 'stockpile' food, water and cash in case of 'war'. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government is set to tell citizens to stockpile food, water, medicine, fuel and cash in case of war, an attack, catastrophe or "national emergency", the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper reported on Sunday. ... Read more

Central Banks Are Terrified... But of What?
ZeroHedge | author | 08/23/16

If the recovery is real and as strong as the "data" suggests... why are Central Banks engaged in the most aggressive stimulus in history?

According to the official data, the EU's Services and Manufacturing PMI's were 53.1 and 51.8 in August. Both were significantly above 50 (which represents contraction)... Moreover, the EU's inflation rate has risen over 0.4% in four months, rising from -0.2% in April to 0.2% today. And yet, despite this data, the ECB continues to hold interest rates at -0.4% while also spending €80 billion per month in QE (the equivalent of $90 billion). At this pace, the ECB will spend nearly €1 TRILLION IN QE PER YEAR. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, August 23 [12:43]
*DN | "This is Our War & It is Shameful:" Journalist Andrew Cockburn on the U.S. Role in the War in Yemen (08/22/16) [20:30]
*DN | As Kerry Plans to Visit Saudi Arabia, Activists & NGOs Demand U.S. Stop Funding War Crimes in Yemen (08/22/16) [11:04]
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TRNN | Time is Running Out - Help Us Expose the Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science (08/03/16) [4:41]
Investigative journalist Bruce Livesey has teamed up with TRNN to make a documentary to expose the Koch brothers' war on the environment and their plan to influence the 2016 elections - and we need your help. Please make a donation today.
TRNN | Professor Chris Williams and actress Emma Thompson discuss the threats of seismic testing and drilling for oil in the Arctic (08/23/16) [17:18]
*TRNN | Saudi Arabia Bombing Yemen To Quell Demonstrations for Democracy (08/23/16) [18:31]
TYT | Donald Trump Wants To Film "The Apprentice" From White House (08/22/16) [9:09]
RT | Keiser Report: Why politicians should follow Mozart's lead? (E956) (08/20/16) [25:45]
Max and Stacy ask why politicians don't take a cue from Mozart and start composing policy for everybody rather than just for the elite. In the second half they continue their conversation with fracking advocate, Nick Grealy of London Local Energy about his belief that natural gas, even of the fracked variety, is a more environmentally friendly source of energy than most others.
RT | Keiser Report: Cryptocurrency Drama (E957) (08/23/16) [24:41]
Max and Stacy discuss the Venezuela in the capital markets. In the second half they talk to Simon Dixon of BnkToTheFuture.com about the crypto-novela playing out with much drama in the crypto-currency space.
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
*ThomHartmann | Libertarians: Pro-Corporate & Pro-Billionaire Ideology… (08/23/16) [12:06]
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | As Zika Spreads, Tough Choices For Pregnant Women And The Search For A Vaccine (08/23/16) [1hr]
The Centers for Disease Control's travel warning for the Zika virus expanded four days ago -- to another neighborhood of Miami. And experts say the virus likely isn't done spreading. Most at risk: Gulf coast areas like Louisiana, still overrun by standing water after historic flooding, and Texas, vulnerable to infected mosquitoes because of its hot climate. Zika's threat has ignited conversations for families who are pregnant and those who hope to become pregnant, including a new debate around reproductive healthcare and abortion. Meanwhile, new vaccines are moving through early-stage trials at a rapid pace, but how quickly they come to market could hinge on funding woes in congress. Where Zika is headed -- and how we're treating it.
*DR | Why We Open Our Hearts And Wallets For Some Disasters -- But Not Others (08/23/16) [1hr]
President Obama visits Baton Rouge today. Flooding there killed 13 people and hit tens of thousands of homes. Clean-up is underway, but the challenge is profound: dozens of state highways remain closed, vast acres of crops are a 100% loss and thousands of people still can't return to their homes. Those who can confront mountains of mud and debris, but some say news of the devastation was slow to reach the rest of the country and there are concerns that the national response may fall far short of the true need. Join us to talk about the crisis in Baton Rouge, the disasters we pay attention to, those we don't and why.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/
Other Videos
PBS NOVA | The World's Strongest Material () [55:43]

08.23.2016. 14:09

Monday Aug 22, 2016
News Articles

The Gilded Rage: A Conversation With a Trump Supporter That Will Surprise You
AlterNet | Alexander Zaitchik | 08/18/16

The following is an adapted excerpt from Alexander Zaitchik's new book, The Gilded Rage: A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump's America, published here with permission from Skyhorse/Hot Books. The Gilded Rage is the chronicle of Zaitchik's listening tour, inspired by Studs Terkel, through the Rust Belt, Appalachia, and along the Mexican Border. The result is an often surprising collection of voices of Trump supporters that Zaitchik met as he followed the 2016 primary calendar. The below section profiles a West Virginia Trump supporter named Ed Wiley, a former miner who in recent years has emerged as one of the state's leading (and most unlikely) anti-coal activists. ... Read more

Michele Bachmann Says She's Advising Trump On Foreign Policy, Because Why Not
HP | Marina Fang | 08/21/16

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who has claimed President Barack Obama's foreign policy would lead to the rapture, says she is advising Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on foreign policy.

Speaking to reporters outside a private fundraiser that Trump held in Minneapolis on Friday evening, the 2012 GOP presidential hopeful and tea party stalwart said she has known Trump for several years and supports his proposals to crack down on immigration and terrorism. ... Read more

Climate Change
Note: the talk starts at 6:21 on the Progressbar
NASA | Dramatic Changes in Polar Ice: Waleed Abdalati (06/10/16) [58:51]

German Government Urges Citizens To Stockpile Food, Water "In Case Of Attack Or Catastrophe"
ZeroHedge | author | 08/22/16

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government plans to tell citizens to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper reported on Sunday.

Following Angela Merkel's proclamation that Islamic terrorism is not a function of the massive influx of muslim immigrants into Germany thanks to he immigration policy, we could not help but be a little surprised that, as TagesSchau reports, the federal government, according to a newspaper report wants to encourage the population to begin stockpiling food and water again, so that they temporarily can take care of themself in the case of a disaster or an armed attack. As Reuters details, ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, August 22 [13:25]
John Oliver - LastWeekTonight
HBO John Oliver | John Oliver Asks Donald Trump To "DROP OUT" (08/21/16) [11:35]
HBO John Oliver | Charter Schools (08/21/16) [18:12]
TRNN | The Empire Files: Chevron vs. the Amazon - The Environmental Trial of the Century (08/22/16) [23:22]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | The Justice Department's Plan To Phase Out Privately Run Federal Prisons (08/22/16) [1hr]
The Justice Department will phase out its use of for-profit prisons to house federal inmates. This follows a government report indicating private prisons are not as secure or safe as those federally run, and don't offer significant cost savings. Prison rights advocates hailed the move. Supporters of the private system criticized it, saying it was partly based on faulty data. The majority of incarcerated Americans are in state prisons, not federal. Some rights groups hope the Justice Department move will set the stage for state prisons to follow suit. We weigh the pros and cons of government and private prisons.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

08.22.2016. 10:11

Friday August 19, 2016
News Articles

ELECTION 2016 11 Dangerous Right-Wing Kooks, Cranks and Operatives Surrounding Donald Trump
AlterNet | Adele M. Stan | 08/18/16

It used to be that people like this only got backstage passes to the GOP's big doings. Now they're part of the show.

  1. Stephen K. Bannon. The CEO of Breitbart News LLC is many things. In 2015, Bloomberg Businessweek headlined its profile of Bannon: "This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America." ...
  2. Roger Stone. This operative, message-maker and dirty trickster has a long history in the GOP, going back to the small part he played in the Watergate scandal. ...
  3. Alex Jones. During the RNC, Jones hired planes to fly over Cleveland trailing a banner reading, "Hillary for Prison." ...
  4. Phyllis Schlafly. While it might seem surprising at first for an old Cold Warrior like Schlafly to support a candidate so cozy with a former KGB chief, it's important to remember that what Schlafly opposed was communism, not authoritarianism. Trump surely fits the latter bill, as does Vladimir Putin, who is no longer a communist, having seen the light to become an oligarchist. ...
  5. Ann Coulter. Much like Donald Trump, right-wing author Ann Coulter will say anything to get attention. She has said she opposes women's suffrage, that women who claim to have been raped are mostly "girls trying to get attention," and once described abortion clinic workers gunned down by right-wing zealots as having "had a procedure performed on them with a rifle." ...
  6. Pamela Geller. Best known for her opposition to the opening of a mosque near the site in lower Manhattan where the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place, Geller boarded the Trump train once the candidate jumped aboard her anti-Islam caravan. ...
  7. Milo Yiannopoulos. Yiannapoulos, who works for Breitbart, is Donald Trump's LGBT champion. At a rally in Cleveland sponsored by Roger Stone and Alex Jones during the RNC, Yiannapoulos offered this outpouring, according to Montgomery's report: "I might be a dick-sucking faggot, but I f**king hate the left." ...
  8. Pat Buchanan. A longtime ally of Phyllis Schlafly, the former Reagan White House communications director has made no secret of his contempt for non-white people. His essay, "A Brief for Whitey," asserts that slavery was good for African Americans and they should be grateful that it brought them Christian salvation. ...
  9. Rev. Pat Robertson. The founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and the now-defunct Christian Coalition is having a major bromance with Donald Trump, promoting the GOP presidential candidate on his television program, "The 700 Club," and elsewhere. ...
  10. Ralph Reed. Reed's reputation as a Christian choirboy took a beating in the 1990s, when it was revealed that he took part in the scandal that brought down lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Essentially, Reed was paid to organize evangelicals opposed to gambling to block gaming operations that would have gotten in the way of the casino interests who were paying him. ...
  11. etc.
Read more

This Is What Donald Trump's "Orbit" Looks Like Following Manafort's Resignation
Bloomberg | Elizabeth Titus | 08/19/16

Now that Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort is officially out of the campaign which - until three days ago - he was managing, at which point he was upstaged by Breitbart's Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, here is what Trump's presidential "orbit" tentatively looks like by way of Bloomberg ... Read more
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*TYT | Syrian Boy Rescued From Bombed Building (VIDEO) (08/18/16) [10:14]
*TYT | Jill Stein On Why Trump AND Clinton Are Dangerous (08/18/16) [10:11]
*TYT | Democrats Signal Surrender On Sanders' Public Option (08/18/16) [11:22]
"Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) renewed push for a government-run healthcare plan is getting a tepid reception from Democrats, with some saying he is waging a losing battle.

Long-time "public option" supporters like Sanders believe Aetna's decision to flee the ObamaCare marketplaces this week proves what they've been saying all along: that the time has come for a new government-run healthcare plan in the United States.

But on Capitol Hill, Democrats think a fight over a public option is nearly impossible to win, regardless of how the November election shakes out. "The public option was a good idea in 2009, and it's a still a good idea today. [But] I don't know that the politics have changed at all on it," Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a top ObamaCare advocate, said by phone Wednesday."
TYT | "Says Who?" Trump Lawyer Self-Destructs On CNN (08/18/16) [2:15]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, August 19 [57:14]
*TRNN | Climate scientist Michael Mann: Devastating Floods in Louisiana Are the Sign of Things to Come (08/19/16) [10:00]
*TRNN | Dr. Alyson Kenward from Climate Central: Deadly Wildfires to Grow More Intense, Burn Longer Due to Global Warming (08/19/16) [6:40]
TRNN | Truthout's Maya Schenwar says: DOJ Ending Use of Private Prisons: Will Decarceration Follow? (08/18/16) [8:23]
TYT | Obama Pushing TPP So Hillary Won't Have To (08/18/16) [8:51]
TYT | U.S. To Phase Out Federal Private Prisons (08/18/16) [5:50]
TYT | Anti-Gay Pastor's Home Destroyed By God's Wrath (08/18/16) [6:00]
RT | Keiser Report: To Frack or Not To Frack? (E955) (08/18/16) [23:34]
Max and Stacy ask why only ? of the British population supports fracking despite big cash payments allegedly on offer from the government. In the second half, they talk to fracking advocate, Nick Grealy of London Local Energy about his belief that natural gas, even of the fracked variety, is a more environmentally friendly source of energy than most others - despite the arguments (he says are false) that fracking pollutes groundwater and causes earthquakes.
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | How to Change Our Pathetic Green Infrastructure (08/18/16) [4:11]
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | Friday News - Domestic (08/19/16) [1hr]
The Friday News Roundup: Donald Trump shakes up his staff after another campaign controversy. Major health insurer Aetna is the latest to pull back from Obamacare. And a group calling itself the shadow brokers say they hacked the NSA. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top national news stories.
*DR | Friday News - International (08/19/16) [1hr]
The State Department concedes a $400 million payment to Iran was delayed to add "leverage" for the release of three U.S. prisoners. Russia launches airstrikes on the Islamic State in Syria from a base in Iran. Officials investigate Donald Trump's campaign chairman for financial ties to a pro-Russia party. The UN says it played a role in Haiti's cholera epidemic. And Brazilian police accuse U.S. Olympic swimmers of fabricating a story about being robbed at gunpoint during the Rio games. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.
Aljazeera | TechKnow - Unsafe shrimp and the question of seafood farming (08/15/16) [23:50]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

08.19.2016. 11:31

Thursday August 18, 2016
News Articles

Louisiana flooding is the country's 'worst natural disaster' since Hurricane Sandy, Red Cross says
WashingtonPost | Emma Brown | 08/17/16

BATON ROUGE -- Five days into this disaster, adrenaline is giving way to exhaustion and -- for many of those who left their homes amid rising water -- a constant, churning anxiety about the future.

Thousands are still holed up in shelters or at friends' houses on high ground, relying on Facebook videos and word-of-mouth for an answer to the question on everyone's tongues: How bad is the damage? ... Read more

'There Will Be A Lot Of Families That Come Home To Nothing'

Southern California Blue Cut Fire Rages Unchecked After Mass Evacuations
HP & Reuters | author | 08/17/16

A Southern California wildfire raged unchecked in thick brush on Wednesday after destroying an unknown number of houses near a highway corridor between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and forcing as many as 80,000 residents to flee their homes, officials said.

The so-called Blue Cut Fire ignited on Tuesday in the mountainous Cajon Pass and quickly ballooned to 30,000 acres (12,140 hectares), putting firefighters on the defensive as they made a stand in front of homes and businesses. ... Read more

*July 2016 Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded
HP | Chris D'Angelo | 08/17/16

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ? two leading global authorities on climate ? both say July 2016 was not only the hottest July on record, but the most sizzling month in the history of record-keeping.

NOAA on Wednesday said July's global average temperature was 62.01 degrees, 1.57 degrees above the 20th-century average. NASA, which uses a slightly different methodology, said Monday the average global temperature in July was 1.51 degrees above average. Both agencies pegged July as the hottest month since monitoring began in 1880. ... Read more

ge·o·en·gi·neer·ing - the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth's climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.

What's the Deal With Geoengineering?
Slate | Jacob Brogan | older, 01/06/16

Your 101 guide to the maybe-crazy, maybe-sane attempt fix climate change by tinkering with Earth's atmosphere.

At its simplest, "geoengineering" is the active transformation of our planet's climate through human intervention. The field emerged in earnest in the last two-and-a-half decades as a response to global warming and other forms of environmental degradation. It's about using technology to solve crises created by other technologies, everything from filters that pull carbon dioxide out of the air to spraying chemicals that would lower the global temperature. ... Read more

Your Geoengineering Cheat Sheet
Slate | Jacob Brogan | older, 01/06/16

Geoengineering describes the active transformation of our planet's climate through human intervention. Here are some of the key players, major debates, and pop cultural landmarks shaping the ways that we understand this emerging field. ... Read more

The Most Important Topic of Our Time - GeoEngineering (older) [46:02]
GeoengineeringWatch website
A Case for Climate Engineering by David Keith

Climate engineering -- which could slow the pace of global warming by injecting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere -- has emerged in recent years as an extremely controversial technology. And for good reason: it carries unknown risks and it may undermine commitments to conserving energy. Some critics also view it as an immoral human breach of the natural world. The latter objection, David Keith argues in A Scientist's Case for Climate Engineering, is groundless; we have been using technology to alter our environment for years. But he agrees that there are large issues at stake.
A leading scientist long concerned about climate change, Keith offers no naïve proposal for an easy fix to what is perhaps the most challenging question of our time; climate engineering is no silver bullet. But he argues that after decades during which very little progress has been made in reducing carbon emissions we must put this technology on the table and consider it responsibly. That doesn't mean we will deploy it, and it doesn't mean that we can abandon efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But we must understand fully what research needs to be done and how the technology might be designed and used. This book provides a clear and accessible overview of what the costs and risks might be, and how climate engineering might fit into a larger program for managing climate change.
**Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, August 18[11:14] *TRNN | Mark Weisbrot: 'FAILED: What the "Experts" Got Wrong on the Global Economy', Part 3 (08/18/16) [19:39]
TRNN | Climate Change Will Prolong U.S. Mosquito Season, Lead to Spread of Zika Virus (08/18/16) [9:50]
TRNN | Bill Black explains: Few (If Any) Progressives on Clinton's Transition Team (08/18/16) [16:03]
TRNN | Henry Giroux discusses: Neofascism of the Law and Order Candidate (08/18/16) [21:20]
TYT | Hillary's New Hire Reveals Her Pro-Corporate Priorities (08/17/16) [13:07]
TYT | Donald Trump: I Don't Trust US Intelligence (08/17/16) [8:00]
TYT | Bernie Sanders Renews Fight For Public Option (08/17/16) [9:47]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | Major Insurers Pull Back From Obamacare: Who's Affected And What It Could Mean For The Future Of The ACA (08/18/16) [1hr]
Aetna this week joined other health insurers in withdrawing from many states where it offers plans through the Affordable Care Act. The company cited an unsustainable financial situation. But that motive is being questioned: We learned this week that Aetna warned it would reduce its presence in the exchanges if the Justice Department sued to block its deal to acquire Humana, which it did last month. Regardless, this latest pullback from Obamacare leaves a lot of questions about competitive options in the exchanges, how consumers will be affected, and the future of the law. We'll get some answers, and look at how this might affect the presidential campaign.
*DR | What Concealed-Carry Gun Laws Mean for Individual Freedom and Public Safety (08/18/16) [1hr]
Twenty years ago, carrying a concealed weapon in public was strictly controlled or illegal in nearly half of U.S. states. Fewer than five million Americans had a concealed-carry permit. Today, carrying a concealed firearm is legal in all fifty states. And the number of permit holders has risen to nearly 13 million Americans. Most of these cite self-defense as the primary reason for carrying a gun outside the home. But critics of these laws say the latest research shows no clear connection between carrying a gun and preventing violence. Diane and guests discuss the rise of concealed-carry gun laws in the states and what it means for individual freedom and public safety.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

08.18.2016. 10:04

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On September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists attacked the Unites States. They hijacked four airplanes in mid-flight. The terrorists flew two of the planes into two skyscrapers at the World Trade Center in New York City. The impact caused the buildings to catch fire and collapse. Another plane destroyed part of the Pentagon (the U.S. military headquarters) in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Officials believe that the terrorists on that plane intended to destroy either the White House or the U.S. Capitol. Passengers on the plane fought the terrorists and prevented them from reaching their goal. In all, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks.
Economy, Wall Street and Banksters

Wall Street and Banksters

Wall Street is an eight-block-long street running roughly northwest to southeast from Broadway to South Street, at the East River, in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City. Over time, the term has become a metonym for the financial markets of the United States as a whole, the American financial services industry (even if financial firms are not physically located there), or New York-based financial interests.
Intelligence Agencies/Deep State?

Intelligence Agencies/Deep State?

An intelligence agency is a government agency responsible for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information in support of law enforcement, national security, military, and foreign policy objectives. Means of information gathering are both overt and covert and may include espionage, communication interception, cryptanalysis,.
The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone & Petere Kuznick

The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone & Petere Kuznick | 2014 | 10 Episodes

Oliver Stone and American University historian Peter J. Kuznick began working on the project in 2008. Stone, Kuznick and British screenwriter Matt Graham cowrote the script. It covers "the reasons behind the Cold War with the Soviet Union, U.S. President Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, and changes in America's global role since the fall of Communism." Stone is the director and narrator of all ten episodes.
Kuznick Interviews

Kuznick Interviews

Historian Peter Kuznick says Eisenhower called for decreased militarization, then Dulles reversed the policy; the Soviets tried to end the cold war after the death of Stalin; crazy schemes involving nuclear weapons and the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba put the world of the eve of destruction - with host Paul Jay

The Untold History of the United States by Kuznick, Peter.mobi | Book | 6.99 MB
China Valley of Tunnels

China Valley of Tunnels

A report written by a Georgetown University team led by Phillip Karber conducted a three-year study to map out Chinas complex tunnel system, which stretches 5,000 km (3,000 miles). The report determined that the stated Chinese nuclear arsenal is understated and as many as 3,000 nuclear warheads may be stored in the underground tunnel network.
The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's ten-part, 18-hour documentary series, THE VIETNAM WAR, tells the epic story of one of the most consequential, divisive, and controversial events in American history as it has never before been told on film. Visceral and immersive, the series explores the human dimensions of the war through revelatory testimony of nearly 80 witnesses from all sides--Americans who fought in the war and others who opposed it, as well as combatants and civilians from North and South Vietnam. Ten years in the making, the series includes rarely seen and digitally re-mastered archival footage from sources around the globe, photographs taken by some of the most celebrated photojournalists of the 20th Century, historic television broadcasts, evocative home movies, and secret audio recordings from inside the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations.

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