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Jesse Ventura  Conspiracy Theory

  jesse-venturaI like Jesse Ventura's videos because they raise a lot of questions that we the public might never think about.  I think the show also does a good job of answering the raised questions, but I also think we the public can do our own research and draw our own conclusions.  Thus, use these as a starting point.

Jesse Ventura: "Wall Street"

  1. Jesse Ventura: "9/11 The Pentagon" [43:43]
  2. Jesse Ventura: "The Police State Conspiracy" [43:43]
  3. Jesse Ventura: "HAARP"
  4. Jesse Ventura: "Plum Island"
  5. Jesse Ventura: "BP Oil Disaster"
  6. Jesse Ventura: "Apocalypse 2012"
  7. Jesse Ventura: "Wall Street"
  8. Jesse Ventura: "Area 51"
  9. Jesse Ventura: "Worldwide Water Conspiracy"
  10. Jesse Ventura: "Secret Societies"
  11. Jesse Ventura: "Global Warming"
  12. Jesse Ventura: "Manchurian Candidate"
  13. Jesse Ventura: "JFK Assassination"
  14. Jesse Ventura: "Underground cities aren't for dummies"
  15. Jesse Ventura: "Solar Flares"

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