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Banking Explained

I have always liked these videos because Bill Still gives a straight forward explanation on how big banks have developed over the centuries. How the big banks have profited from wars and misery, and how big banks are not out for our best interests!
Note: The second video refers to L. Frank Baum book "The Wizard of Oz  [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Frank_Baum ] and his references to the banking system.

money-masters the-secret-of-oz
The Money Masters - Full [3:29:19]

The Secret of Oz [1:52:11]
The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson [4:00:15]

america-from-freedom-to-fascism true-history-of--the-banking-cartels
Aron Russo: AMERICA — From Freedom To Fascism [1:49:29]

The true history of the Banking Cartels and the Federal reserve (11/29/11) [1:27:39]

the-american-dream I like this video because it makes palatable very complex issues, without sacrificing any of the important facts. The animation is great also.
The American Dream Film - Good for the rest of us who are financially challenged. [30:34]

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